Every Disney Remake Currently In Production

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When Alice in Wonderland became a billion dollar success for Disney, they have set about replicating their animated success within the ‘live action’ arena.

We’ve already witnessed the releases of Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. So what else is coming our way?

1. Christopher Robin (17 August 2018)

Delayed on it’s release due to the similar ‘Good-bye Christopher Robin’ (2017), this film sets out the replicate the success of the Paddington Bear films.

Ewan McGregor stars as the films grown up Christopher Robin, having long left his childhood imagination long behind. However, his old friends come to visit from the hundred acre wood – Pooh, Piglet, Tiger and Eyeore; returning to really shake things up.

2. Dumbo (29 March 2019)

Tim Burton directing a Disney live-action Dumbo? Yeah, sounds odd. However, the trailer was simply beautiful – the cast list is also very promising.


3. Aladdin (19 May 2019)

Guy Ritchie is directing this remake; again a slightly odd choice. Although the original music from the 1992 release will be included within the movie, there will be new songs by Alan Menken and La La Land’s Paek and Paul. Disney have said that the film will be both “ambitious and nontraditional” – unsure what this means and it could well be very risky.

Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott will star as Aladdin and Princess Jasmin, with the Genie being played by Will Smith.

4. The Lion King (19 July 2019)

2019 is looking like a busy time for the live-action Disney films, with the release of Jon Favreau’s The Lion King.

Mufasa will be played by the original cast member James Early Jones, who is the only member of the 1994 cast to reprise his role. He will also be joined by Donald Glover (Simba), Beyoncé (Nala), Chiwetel Ekiofor (Scar), Billy Eichner (Timon) and Seth Rogan (Pumbaa).

Hans Zimmer and Elton John are both on-board and will feature songs from the original film – ‘Can Your Feel the Love Tonight’, ‘Hakuna Matata’, ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Be King’ and ‘Circle of Life’.

5. Mulan (27 March 2020)

Not as much of a smash hit as the other Disney films that are being revisited but it does remain a popular 1998 classic with fans.

It will be directed by Niki Caro, the director of The Zookeeper’s Wife, and will see Liu Yifei play the main lead role.

6. Maleficent II (29 May 2019)

Angelina Jolie will return, portraying Sleeping Beauty’s nemesis, directed by Joachim Rønning sequel.

The 2014 release of Maleficent was a big success, although the critical reviews that it received were mixed.

7. Cruella (TBC)

Emma Stone has been attached to this 101 Dalmations spin-off for some time, which is based on the origins of Cruella de VIl.

Little is known about this project.

8. Lady and the Tramp (TBC)

This has been used to promote and headline Disney’s up and coming streaming service, which is set to launch in 2019. We can expect the Lady and the Tramp live action film to debut soon after the streaming service is released.

The film will be directed by The Lego Ninjago director, Charlie Bean and has recently announced casting: Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok) as Lady and Justin Theroux (The Girl on the Train) as her Tramp.

9. The Jungle Book Sequel

After successful release of the first Jungle Book live-action film, Jon Favreau will return as director and Justin Marks set to write the script. Also rumoured, is Neel Sethi to reprising his role of Mowgli. However, there isn’t much information on this as yet and with Favreau working on The Lion King, this one could be some time off yet.

What else is in the pipeline?

Disney have green lit many films for the next decade, it is hard to keep up. With their streaming service also launching in 2019, I’m sure that there will be many more announcements to be made.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell live-action films have been green lit.

Also, for the exclusive streaming service – The Sword in the Stone could also be remade, with Bryan Cogman (Game of Thrones) currently drafting a screenplay.

What about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Rumour has is that Disney are looking at this one too. Afterall, this is where it all started.


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