Film Profile Overview: Crush (2001)

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Film Profile Overview: Crush (2001)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance.
Sub-Genre: Romantic Comedy.

  • £350,000 at Box Office
  • 7, 398 videos shipped
  • 9,525 DVD shipped
  • No. 23 in charts first week
  • Window was October 2002 to Mar 2003

June 2000      Shoot – 8 weeks; Locations, Studio, Paris 1 day
                        3 months post production
May 2001        First Market Screening – Cannes Festival / Market (non-competition)
Sep 2001        First UK Screening, Edinburgh Fest
June 2002      UK Theatrical release – Approx 100 screens UK wide after that
June 2002       World Cup
July 2002         F4 Distribution closure announced
Oct 2002         DVD/VHS Rental window
Feb 2003        TV Pay per View
Oct 2003         TV / Satellite
= 14 month exploitation window…

    Primary audience:

    • Socio Class: B,C1,C2,D
    • Middle Aged
    • Women

    Secondary audience:

    • Women who want to date younger men
    • Divorced women
    • Serious woman, non-game players

    Website analysis

    • The website is designed in a simple way, using Flash technology which was popular 14+ years ago. 
    • There is a large image at the top of the screen with blank images that are representative of the characters within the film.
    • Primary target audience is encouraged to interact with the website by answering the question “Do you know any women with these issues”. 
    • There are three set questions in which the user can answer, this includes and expands on the primary and secondary audiences. 
    • Each set answer links to a character and actor biographies
    • Each bio has a group of images in which the user can further relate to their on screen ‘equivalent’, this is to further increase the link between P/S audience and cast.
    • The website gives a synopsis of the film, information on the Director (John Mckay), details on the location, video, a sad story board, join and links.
    • The sad story board: attempts to interact further with the audience by asking for stories of a bad date or an embarrassing story concerning the relationship. This is to build a link between audience and the plot. If this was created today, further social media links and/or YouTube stories would be included. 
    • The join link allows users to sign up for updates on the film. This is a method whereby the marketing company could contact the user further. In addition, if this was created today, this could have links and competitions within social media to further spread the word of the film. 
    Other working titles: 
    • Sad Fuckers Club
    • A Certain Age
    • People Like Us
    The above alternative and working titles may have been seen as offensive to the target audience. For example, Sad Fuckers Club may make the primary and secondary audiences feel exactly like that: a sad fucker. This could alienate the audience and therefore may put them off from viewing the film. 

    McKay wanted to called the Film “Sad Fuckers Club”, but this was changed after resistance from the financiers and distributors and uneasiness on the part of test audiences, eventually reverting to the original name, “Crush”.

    The above graphic (Peter Buckingham) shows the traits of films. I would suggest that Crush (2001) sits within the upper-quadrant. The film is romantic and offers and escapism for many viewers. 
    Peter Buckingham Report: “Audiences: Trends, Profiles and Patterns: What People Go to See, and How to Reach Them” Analysis.
    This report was presented in 2010, based on even older research. What do you think has changed? What’s stayed the same?

    The reports suggests that:
    However, according to BFI (
    •  In 2016, 15-24 year olds made up the largest proportion of the UK cinema audience, at 29%. This is a reduction on the figures listed above. 
    • The other changes have been an increase of 35+ age ranges, especially the 55+ age group. 
    What are the limitations of “clustering” audiences in marketing terms?
    • Generalisation of audiences
    • Audiences could be based over more than one cluster group
    • Alienating non-primary clusters
    What Genre isn’t a Genre according to PB. How does that impact films like “Crush”?
    • DRAMA is not listed as a genre within the report. 
    • Crush is made up of a number of genres:
      • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance.
      • Sub-Genre: Romantic Comedy
    What do people prefer about British Films to American Films.
    • Characters and situations in which people can relate to
    • New acting or fresh talent
    • British humour, no-one else can do it like the Brits
    • Authentic and believable
    • Unsentimental, amoral and clever
    • Much more daring
    What do they dislike about them?
    • Same old faces / no new faces
    • Depressing or grim locations, or period romps
    • Not cinematic, could watch on TV. Lack heightened emotions and themes
    • No real peak moments
    • Moralising and worthy
    • limited and predictable
    What is “THE FESTIVAL TRAP”?
    Within the quadrant (below), a lot of festival winning films are located towards the unglamorous and gritty. Although Festivals like this, audiences do not tend to connect well with this type of film. 

    “CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS” for the film: Churchill (2017)

    • 2017 ‧ Thriller ‧ 1h 50m
    • Initial release: 25 May 2017 (Germany)
    • Director: Jonathan Teplitzky
    • Box office: 5.4 million USD
    • Budget: 10 million USD
    • Producers: Piers Tempest, Claudia Bluemhuber, Nick Taussig, Paul Van Carter

    Tensions mount for beleaguered British Prime Minister Winston Churchill as D-Day nears in June 1944. Fearful of repeating past mistakes, Churchill is reluctant to embark on the large-scale campaign that the entire war effort hinges upon. Clashing with his political opponents, the troubled leader receives unwavering support from his devoted wife, Clementine. With strength and shrewdness, she tries to prevent his physical, mental and spiritual collapse while inspiring him to achieve greatness.

    Clear Genre?
    Actors Well Known? / 
    Known producers?
    Known Source?
    Potential Buzz
    Hook / Twist
    New / Different?

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