How To Pick Your Weight Class

For those who don’t know, Powerlifting is a weight class sport. A weight class sport is one in which competitors are divided up into different divisions depending on how much they weigh. You cannot compete in any class where you are above the maximum weight and, likewise, you cannot compete in any class where you do not make the minimum weight. Whatever weight class you fall “inside of”, is the weight class where you must compete.

Weight Classes for Powerlifting

Weight classes ensure that everyone has a fair shot to win if they play their cards right. You cannot use height as an excuse.

How to pick your weight class

Now, this obviously leads one to ask, “Well, how should I go about determining the weight class that is best for me”? Good question.

I think the idea that one “chooses” their weight class is misleading if not outright false. The weight class that one should compete in is the weight class where the amount of muscle on their frame is maximized relative to the limit of that weight class. Put simply, you want to carry as much muscle as is possible while still making weight. That means you need to be relatively lean in order to maximize and optimize your competitiveness in powerlifting.

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