Lego Collection – Superhero

My Official Lego Collection of Superhero Lego minifigures.

Collection data obtained from

To find, use the number and append with lego minifigure. Example: SPD005a minifigure.

NumberGot?NameYear Released
spd005aNoGreen Goblin with Neck Bracket2002
spd004YesMary Jane 12002
spd002YesPeter Parker 1 - Jacket Blue, Black Legs, Brown Male Hair2002
spd001aNoSpider-Man 1 - with Neck Bracket2002
spd005NoGreen Goblin2003
spd006YesGreen Goblin 2 - decorated headgear2003
spd008YesMary Jane 22003
spd013YesMary Jane 32003
spd009YesNorman Osborn2003
spd007YesPeter Parker 2 - Sand Blue Jacket, Dark Blue Legs, Brown Male Hair2003
spd010YesScientist With Open Jacket, Black and Brown Stripe Tie and Plaid Shirt2003
spd001YesSpider-Man 12003
spd012NoSpider-Man 2 - Balaclava Face2003
spd014YesTaxi Driver2003
spd023NoAmbulance Driver, Dark Blue Torso with EMT Star of Life Logo, Black Legs, Black Male Hair2004
spd024YesAunt May, Dark Tan Blouse, Dark Tan Legs, Light Bluish Gray Ponytail Hair2004
spd016YesDr. Octavious (Octavius) / Doc Ock, Light Bluish Gray Torso, Light Bluish Gray Legs - With Arms2004
spd027NoDr. Octopus / Doc Ock, Sand Green Jacket, Sand Green Legs, Clenched Teeth Smile - With Arms2004
spd026NoDr. Octopus / Doc Ock, Sand Green Jacket, Sand Green Legs, Thin Smirk - With Arms2004
spd015NoDr. Octopus / Doc Ock, Sand Green Jacket, Sand Green Legs, Thin Toothy Smile - With Arms2004
spd021YesHarry Osborn 1, Dark Blue Suit Torso, Dark Blue Legs2004
spd022YesHarry Osborn 2, Dark Bluish Gray Suit Torso, Dark Bluish Gray Legs2004
spd017YesJ. Jonah Jameson - Vest with Striped Tie2004
spd018YesJewel Thief 1, Red Torso w/ Space Logo, Black Legs2004
spd019YesJewel Thief 2, Black Jacket Torso, Black Legs2004
spd020YesMary Jane 4 - Medium Blue Sweater2004
spd031NoPeter Parker 3 - Sand Blue Vest, Black Legs2004
spd003NoPolice - Highway Patrolman, Black Shirt w/Badge and Radio, Black Legs, White Helmet2004
spd029NoSecurity Guard, Dark Bluish Gray Shirt w/Badge and Radio, Dark Bluish Gray Legs2004
spd028YesSpider-Man 3 - Dark Blue Arms / Legs2004
spd030YesSubway Train Conductor2004
bat014YesAlfred Pennyworth, the Butler - Bow Tie2006
bat019NoArkham Asylum Guard, Dark Flesh Head, Black Cap2006
bat020NoArkham Asylum Guard, Light Flesh Head, Black Cap2006
bat002YesBatman, Black Suit2006
bat001NoBatman, Light Bluish Gray Suit with Black Mask2006
bat013YesBruce Wayne - Dark Blue Suit2006
bat008NoKiller Croc2006
bat011c01NoMr. Freeze with Complete Weapon Assembly2006
bat012NoMr. Freeze's Henchman2006
bat015YesNightwing - Blue Arms and Chest Symbol2006
bat018NoPoison Ivy2006
bat005NoThe Joker2006
bat007NoThe Joker's Henchman2006
bat010YesThe Penguin2006
bat017YesThe Riddler2006
bat004NoTwo-Face with Black Stripe Hips2006
bat004aNoTwo-Face with Plain White Hips2006
bat006YesTwo-Face's Henchman2006
bat022NoBatman, Light Bluish Gray Suit with Dark Blue Mask2007
bat023NoThe Riddler with Complete Jet Pack Assembly (Set 7787)2007
bat024NoBatman, Dark Bluish Gray Suit with Black Mask2008
bat026NoHarley Quinn - White Hands2008
bat011iNoMr. Freeze2008
bat025NoRobin - Short Hair2008
sh030YesAlien Foot Soldier2012
sh029YesAlien General2012
sh035NoBlack Widow2012
sh014YesCaptain America - Dark Blue Suit2012
sh013NoHulk - Giant, Dark Tan Pants2012
sh036NoIron Man with Circle on Chest (6869)2012
sh015YesIron Man with Triangle on Chest2012
sh033YesLoki - Traditional Starched Fabric Cape2012
sh018YesThor - Beard2012
sh009YesBane - Light Flesh Hands2012
sh016NoBatman - Black Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest (Type 1 Cowl)2012
sh016aYesBatman - Black Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest (Type 2 Cowl)2012
sh048NoBatman - Black Wings2012
sh046YesBatman - Electro Suit2012
sh025aNoBatman - Light Bluish Gray Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest, Dark Blue Mask and Cape (Type 2 Cowl)2012
sh025NoBatman - Light Bluish Gray Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest, Dark Blue Mask and Cape (Type 1 Cowl)2012
sh019NoBatman - Wings and Jet Pack (Type 1 Cowl)2012
sh019aNoBatman - Wings and Jet Pack (Type 2 Cowl)2012
sh026NoBruce Wayne - Sand Blue Suit2012
sh057NoDr. Harleen Quinzel2012
sh024YesHarley Quinn - Black and Red Hands2012
sh010YesPoison Ivy2012
sh011NoRobin - Black Cape2012
sh059NoRobin - Black Cape and Hood2012
sh005YesThe Joker - Lime Vest2012
sh061YesThe Joker - Prison Jumpsuit2012
sh020YesThe Joker's Henchman - Lime Jacket2012
sh060YesThe Penguin2012
sh008NoThe Riddler2012
sh007NoTwo-Face, Orange and Purple Suit2012
sh021YesTwo-Face's Henchman, Orange and Purple - Beard2012
sh022YesTwo-Face's Henchman, Orange and Purple - Sunglasses2012
sh012YesLex Luthor2012
sh039YesLex Luthor - Battle Armor, Dark Purple Legs2012
sh004YesWonder Woman2012
sh040NoDoc Ock2012
sh041NoIron Fist2012
sh038YesSpider-Man - Black Web Pattern2012
sh031YesMagneto - Red Outfit2012
sh072NoIron Man Mark 42 Armor (Plain White Head)2013
sh047YesArctic Batman2013
sh049NoMr. Freeze2013
sh067YesAldrich Killian2013
sh071YesExtremis Soldier2013
sh065NoIron Man Mark 42 Armor2013
sh072aYesIron Man Mark 42 Armor (Plain White Head)2013
sh073NoIron Man with Heart Breaker Armor2013
sh084NoIron Patriot2013
sh068YesPepper Potts2013
sh074YesThe Mandarin2013
sh070NoThe Mandarin (Dark Green Cape)2013
sh069YesTony Stark2013
sh066YesWar Machine2013
sh079YesColonel Hardy2013
sh078YesGeneral Zod2013
sh076YesGeneral Zod - Helmet, Cape2013
sh075YesLois Lane2013
sh077YesSuperman - Dark Blue Suit2013
sh083YesClark Kent / Superman2013
sh062NoBane - 1 Light Flesh Hand2013
sh064NoBatman - Dark Bluish Gray Suit with Copper Belt2013
sh063YesCommissioner James Gordon2013
sh052YesDr. Doom2013
sh054YesJ. Jonah Jameson2013
sh056YesNick Fury2013
sh055YesVenom - Black Spines2013
sh141NoElectro (5002125)2014
sh106YesCaptain America - Blue Suit, Brown Belt2014
sh099YesFalcon - Red2014
sh095NoHulk - Giant, Dark Purple Pants2014
sh108YesHydra Henchman2014
sh107YesRed Skull2014
sh098NoThor - No Beard2014
sh092YesBatgirl, Lavender Cape2014
sh097YesBatman - Dark Blue Wetsuit and Flippers2014
sh089YesBatman - Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Dark Bluish Gray Hands2014
sh111YesBatman - Light Bluish Gray Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest, Blue Mask and Cape2014
sh085NoNightwing - Red Eye Holes and Chest Symbol2014
sh091YesRobin - Green Hands2014
sh112NoRobin - Very Short Cape2014
sh087YesThe Flash2014
sh094YesThe Joker - Blue Vest, Dark Purple Fedora2014
sh096YesThe Penguin - Fur Collar2014
sh088YesThe Riddler - Green and Dark Green Zipper Outfit2014
sh128YesNova Corps Officer2014
sh090NoRocket Raccoon - Dark Red Outfit2014
sh122YesRocket Raccoon - Orange Outfit2014
sh126YesRonan The Accuser2014
sh123YesStar-Lord - Mask, Jacket with Side Buttons2014
sh127NoStar-Lord - Mask, Open Jacket2014
sh120YesThe Sakaaran2014
sh114NoMartian Manhunter2014
sh142NoPlastic Man2014
sh132NoBatman - Black Suit with Copper Belt (Type 2 Cowl)2014
sh133YesThe Joker - Green Vest2014
sh110NoDoc Ock - White Lab Coat over Bright Green Pants2014
sh102NoGreen Goblin2014
sh103YesMary Jane 52014
sh104YesPower Man2014
sh109YesTruck Driver2014
sh119YesMagneto - Dark Purple Outfit2014
sh118YesWolverine - Mask2014
sh211YesLightning Lad2015
sh202YesHank Pym2015
sh189YesYellow Jacket2015
sh184YesCaptain America - Detailed Suit - Dark Orange Eyebrows2015
sh183YesMaria Hill2015
sh185NoNick Fury - Leather Trench Coat2015
sh181YesWinter Soldier - Light Bluish Gray Hand2015
sh179YesBaron Von Strucker2015
sh186YesBlack Widow - Short Hair2015
sh177YesCaptain America - Detailed Suit - Mask2015
sh172YesHawkeye - Black and Dark Red Suit2015
sh212NoHulk - Dark Purple Pants with Dark Red Pattern (5003084)2015
sh173YesHulk - Giant, Dark Purple Pants with Dark Red Pattern2015
sh171YesHydra Henchman - White Legs2015
sh168YesIron Legion2015
sh164YesIron Man Mark 45 Armor2015
sh167YesIron Man MK432015
sh174YesScarlet Witch2015
sh170YesThor, Soft Cape2015
sh176YesUltimate Ultron2015
sh169NoUltron MK12015
sh175YesUltron Prime2015
sh166NoUltron Sentry2015
sh165YesUltron Sentry Officer2015
sh209NoUltron Sentry with Neck Armor2015
sh178NoVision - Dark Azure Spot on Forehead2015
sh204YesBatman - Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Black Hands, Spongy Cape, Black Boots (76035)2015
sh198YesBeast Boy (76035)2015
sh199NoHarley Quinn - White Arms (76035)2015
sh195YesRobin - Dark Green Legs2015
sh200NoRobin - Short Sleeves, Spiky Hair (76035)2015
sh197YesStarfire (76035)2015
sh206NoThe Joker - Blue Vest, Dual Sided Head2015
sh151NoBatman - Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Black Hands, Spongy Cape2015
sh162NoBatman - Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Black Hands, Spongy Cape, Scuba Mask Head2015
sh160YesBlack Manta2015
sh148YesCaptain Cold2015
sh147YesGorilla Grodd2015
sh153YesGreen Arrow2015
sh145YesGreen Lantern - White Hands2015
sh158YesMartian Manhunter - Cape with Collar2015
sh161YesScuba Robin2015
sh146YesSpace Batman2015
sh156NoSuperman - Blue Suit, Dual Sided Head with Red Eyes on Reverse, Spongy Soft Knit Cape (76040)2015
sh003aYesSuperman - Spongy Soft Knit Cape2015
sh149YesTruck Driver - Overalls2015
sh150YesWonder Woman - Dark Blue Legs2015
sh193YesIron Spider2015
sh188YesSHIELD Agent2015
sh205YesSpider-Man - Black Web Pattern, Red Boots2015
sh190YesSpider-Man (Miles Morales)2015
sh301NoCosmic Boy2016
sh226YesCaptain Marvel2016
sh216YesHydra Diver2016
sh215YesIron Skull2016
sh214YesScuba Captain America2016
sh213YesScuba Iron Man2016
sh228YesSpace Captain America2016
sh229YesSpace Iron Man2016
sh232NoSilver Centurion2016
sh237YesAlfred Pennyworth - White Hair2016
sh233YesBatman - Classic TV Series2016
sh235YesBruce Wayne - Ascot and Button Down Shirt2016
sh241YesCatwoman - Classic TV Series2016
sh236YesDick Grayson - Classic TV Series2016
sh266YesMr. Freeze - Classic TV Series2016
sh234YesRobin - Classic TV Series2016
sh238YesThe Joker - Dark Pink Suit2016
sh239YesThe Penguin - Classic TV Series2016
sh240YesThe Riddler - Classic TV Series2016
sh278YesBlue Beetle (76054)2016
sh281NoCaptain Boomerang (76055)2016
sh259YesDeadshot (76053)2016
sh288NoDesert Batman2016
sh277YesFarmer (76054)2016
sh279NoGas Mask Batman (76054)2016
sh260YesHarley Quinn - Blue and Red Hands and Pigtails (76053)2016
sh283NoKatana (76055)2016
sh280NoKiller Croc (76055)2016
sh276NoKiller Moth (76054)2016
sh294NoNightwing - White Eye Holes and Blue Chest Symbol2016
sh265YesPirate Batman (book 9781485444547)2016
sh290NoRa's Al Ghul2016
sh282NoRed Hood (76055)2016
sh289NoRobin - Green Hands and Hood2016
sh275NoScarecrow (76054)2016
sh291YesTalia Al Ghul2016
sh255NoAgent 13 (76051)2016
sh263NoBlack Panther (76047)2016
sh264NoCaptain America - Detailed Suit - Dark Brown Eyebrows2016
sh262NoCrossbones (76050)2016
sh261YesFalcon - Light Bluish Gray and Dark Red Wings (76050)2016
sh302NoHawkeye - Black and Dark Purple Suit2016
sh254NoIron Man Mark 46 Armor - Partial Circle on Chest (76051)2016
sh256NoScarlet Witch - Fabric Skirt (76051)2016
sh299NoSpider-Man - Black Web Pattern, Red Torso, Red Boots2016
sh303NoVision - Yellow Spot on Forehead2016
sh258NoWar Machine - with Shooter (76051)2016
sh257NoWinter Soldier - Black Hands and Holster2016
sh217YesBatman - Armored (76044)2016
sh218YesBatman - Dark Bluish Suit, Gold Belt, Black Hands, Spongy Cape, Large Bat Logo (76046)2016
sh222YesLex Luthor - Tan Suit (76046)2016
sh224YesLexCorp Henchman 1 - Black Legs (76045)2016
sh223YesLexCorp Henchman 2 - Brown Legs (76045)2016
sh225YesLois Lane - Black Suit (76046)2016
sh219YesSuperman - Dark Blue Suit, Tousled Hair (76044)2016
sh220YesSuperman - Dark Blue Suit, Tousled Hair, Red Boots (76046)2016
sh221YesWonder Woman - Dark Brown Hair (76046)2016
sh296NoDoctor Strange2016
sh297NoKarl Mordo2016
sh298NoThe Ancient One2016
sh246NoThe Flash - Short Legs2016
sh250YesCaptain America - Short Legs2016
sh251NoRed Skull - Short Legs2016
sh252YesHulk - Short Legs2016
sh253YesUltron - Short Legs2016
sh245YesBane - Short Legs2016
sh242YesBatman - Short Legs2016
sh243YesCatwoman - Short Legs2016
sh244YesRobin - Short Legs2016
sh247NoCaptain Cold - Short Legs2016
sh249YesGreen Goblin - Short Legs2016
sh248NoSpider-Man - Short Legs2016
sh272YesAunt May (76057)2016
sh286NoCaptain Stacy (76059)2016
sh284NoDoc Ock (76059)2016
sh267NoGhost Rider (76058)2016
sh271NoGreen Goblin - Magenta Outfit (76057)2016
sh268NoHobgoblin (76058)2016
sh270NoKraven The Hunter (76057)2016
sh274NoScarlet Spider (76057)2016
sh269NoScorpion (76057)2016
sh273NoSpider-Girl (76057)2016
sh285NoVulture (76059)2016
sh287NoWhite Tiger (76059)2016
sh300NoSuperman - Red Eyes on Reverse, Spongy Soft Knit Cape (Book b16sh01pl)2016
coltlbm01NoLobster Lovin’ Batman - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm02NoGlam Metal Batman - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm03NoFairy Batman - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm04NoClan of the Cave Batman - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm05NoVacation Batman - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm06NoBarbara Gordon - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm07NoCommissioner Gordon - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm08NoThe Joker - Arkham Asylum - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm09NoDick Grayson - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm10NoPink Power Batgirl - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm11NoRed Hood - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm12NoEraser - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm13NoNurse Harley Quinn - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm14NoOrca - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm15NoZodiac Master - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm16NoCatman - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm17NoMarch Harriet - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm18NoCalculator - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm19NoKing Tut - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm20NoMime - Minifig Only Entry2017
coltlbm21NoDollar Bill Tuxedo Batman2017
coltlbm22NoEaster Bunny Batman2017
coltlbm25NoDisco Harley Quinn - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm26NoDisco Alfred Pennyworth - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm27NoClock King - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm28NoHugo Strange - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm29NoMermaid Batman - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm30NoSwimsuit Batman - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm31NoVacation The Joker - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm32NoVacation Robin - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm33NoVacation Batgirl - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm34NoVacation Alfred Pennyworth - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm35NoBat-Merch Batgirl - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm36NoKiller Moth - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm37NoWonder Twin Jayna - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm38NoWonder Twin Zan - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm39NoApache Chief - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm40NoJor-El - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm41NoGeneral Zod - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm42NoDoctor Phosphorus - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm43NoBlack Canary - Minifig Only Entry2018
coltlbm44NoBlack Vulcan - Minifig Only Entry2018
dim041NoRobin - Green Glasses, Smile / Worried Pattern - Dimensions Story Pack2017
dim043NoExcalibur Batman - Dimensions Fun Pack2017
dim044NoBatgirl, Yellow Cape, Dual Sided Head with Smile/Scared Pattern2017
dim054NoStarfire - Teen Titans Go! Dimensions Fun Pack2017
sh304NoTartan Batman2017
sh305NoBatgirl, Yellow Cape, Dual Sided Head with Smile/Annoyed Pattern2017
sh306NoHarley Quinn - Pigtails2017
sh307NoThe Joker - Vest, Shirtsleeves, Smile with Fang2017
sh308NoBruce Wayne - White Tuxedo2017
sh309NoBatman - Scu-Batsuit2017
sh310NoBatman - The Bat-Pack Batsuit2017
sh311NoBatman - Raging Batsuit2017
sh312NoBatman - Utility Belt, Head Type 12017
sh313NoAlfred Pennyworth - Pinstripe Vest2017
sh314NoThe Penguin - White Fur Collar2017
sh315NoRobin - Green Glasses, Smile / Scared Pattern2017
sh316NoKabuki Twin2017
sh318NoBatman - Utility Belt, Head Type 22017
sh319NoMr. Freeze - Shoulder Ice Armor2017
sh320NoSecurity Guard (70901)2017
sh321NoKiller Croc - Claws and Jaws (70907)2017
sh324NoThe Joker - Long Coattails, Smile with Fang2017
sh325NoDick Grayson - Tuxedo (70908)2017
sh326NoCommissioner Gordon - Red Sash (70908)2017
sh327NoPoison Ivy - Cloth Skirt (70908)2017
sh328NoBarbara Gordon - SWAT Vest (70908)2017
sh329NoBatman - Utility Belt, Head Type 32017
sh330NoCatwoman - Utility Belt2017
sh331NoSecurity Guard (70910)2017
sh332NoScarecrow, Pizza Delivery Outfit (70910)2017
sh334NoThe Riddler - Suit and Tie, Hat with Hair (70903)2017
sh335NoCalendar Man2017
sh336NoKite Man2017
sh337NoBarbara Gordon - Pinstripe Vest2017
sh338NoCatwoman - Prison Jumpsuit and Belt2017
sh339NoAaron Cash2017
sh340NoDr. Harleen Quinzel - Red Glasses2017
sh341NoRobin - Green Glasses, Frown / Eyebrows Raised Pattern2017
sh342NoPoison Ivy - Prison Jumpsuit2017
sh343NoThe Joker - Prison Jumpsuit, Smile with Pointed Teeth Grin2017
sh344NoThe Riddler - Prison Jumpsuit2017
sh345NoTwo-Face - Prison Jumpsuit2017
sh346NoGCPD Officer - Female2017
sh347NoGCPD Officer - Male2017
sh348NoSuperman - Short Legs2017
sh349NoBizarro - Short Legs2017
sh350NoMayor McCaskill2017
sh351NoThe Penguin - Scowling Face (70911)2017
sh352NoArkham Asylum Statue2017
sh353NoThe Joker - Long Coattails, Smile with Pointed Teeth Grin, Neck Bracket2017
sh354NoThe Joker - Long Coattails, Smile with Pointed Teeth Grin2017
sh356NoBatman - Short Legs, Dark Blue Cape2017
sh357NoKiller Moth - Short Legs2017
sh358NoWonder Woman - Short Legs2017
sh359NoDoomsday - Short Legs2017
sh360NoSpider-Man - Short Legs, Winking2017
sh361NoScorpion - Short Legs2017
sh362NoIron Man - Short Legs2017
sh363NoThanos - Short Legs2017
sh364NoWolverine - Short Legs2017
sh365NoMagneto - Short Legs2017
sh367NoJustin Hammer2017
sh368NoInvincible Iron Man2017
sh369NoAgent Coulson2017
sh370NoRed Hulk - Giant2017
sh371NoHulk - Giant, Magenta Pants, Dark Green Hair (76078)2017
sh372NoRed She-Hulk2017
sh374NoPilot Captain America2017
sh375NoMs. Marvel (76076)2017
sh376NoRoller Disco Batman (30607)2017
sh377NoTears of Batman Clown (30607)2017
sh380NoStar-Lord - Jet Pack2017
sh381NoGroot - Baby, Red Outfit with Zipper2017
sh384NoRocket Raccoon - Dark Blue Outfit2017
sh385NoStar-Lord - Silver Armor, Jet Pack (76081)2017
sh386NoNebula - Torn Outfit, Angry (76081)2017
sh387NoDrax - Jet Pack (76081)2017
sh388NoGamora - Silver Armor (76081)2017
sh389NoGroot - Baby2017
sh390NoTiger Tuxedo Batman (5004929)2017
sh391NoScarecrow (70913)2017
sh393NoWonder Woman (76075)2017
sh394NoSteve Trevor (76075)2017
sh395NoTwo-Face (70915)2017
sh396NoMutant Leader (70914)2017
sh397NoPolka-Dot Man (70917)2017
sh398NoHarley Quinn - Black and Red Tutu (70916)2017
sh399NoChief O’Hara2017
sh400NoGCPD Officer 1 (853651)2017
sh401NoGCPD Officer 2 (853651)2017
sh402NoBatman - Black Wings, Black Headband (70913)2017
sh403NoVulture (76083)2017
sh404NoThe Shocker (76083)2017
sh405NoIron Man Silver Armor - Arc Reactor on Chest (76083)2017
sh406NoHela (76084)2017
sh407NoValkyrie (76084)2017
sh408NoBruce Banner2017
sh409NoThor - Red Cape, Helmet (76084)2017
sh410NoGrandmaster (76088)2017
sh411NoLoki (76088)2017
sh412NoThor - Scabbard (76088)2017
sh413NoHulk - Giant, with Armor (76088)2017
sh414NoBane - Giant (70914)2017
sh415NoBatman - Utility Belt, Head Type 42017
sh416NoGCPD Female Officer (70915)2017
sh417NoGCPD Male Officer (70915)2017
sh418aNoFlying Monkey - Evil Smile (70917)2017
sh418bNoFlying Monkey - Teeth Bared (70917)2017
sh419NoBatgirl, Yellow Cape, Dual Sided Head with Smile/Angry Pattern (30612)2017
sh420NoSpider-Man - Black Web Pattern, Red Torso Small Vest, Red Boots2017
sh421NoMasked Robber - Green Mask, Striped Shirt (76082)2017
sh422NoMasked Robber - Blue Mask, Red Shirt (76082)2017
sh424NoAlfred Pennyworth - Batsuit2017
sh425NoBerserker - Thor Ragnarok (76084)2017
sh426NoSakaarian Guard (76088)2017
sh428NoGreen Lantern - John Stewart2017
sh429NoAquaman - Dark Brown Long Hair (76085)2017
sh430yesAtlantean Guard - Angry Expression (76085)2017
sh431yesParademon - Extended Wings (76085,76087)2017
sh432NoAtlantean Guard - Scared Expression (76085)2017
sh433NoParademon - Collapsed Wings (76086,76087)2017
sh435NoBatman - Tactical Suit (76087)2017
sh436NoCyborg (76087)2017
sh437NoBatman - Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Black Hands, Large Bat Logo, Printed Legs, Stubble (76086)2017
sh438NoThe Flash - Detailed Print (76086)2017
sh439NoParademon - Extended Wings (76086)2017
sh440NoDisco The Joker2017
sh441NoArkham Penguin (9781465463586)2017
sh442NoNightwing - Wings and Cape2017
sh443NoDisco Batgirl2017
sh444NoDisco Robin2017
sh445NoDisco Batman2017
sh446NoAlfred Pennyworth - Classic Batsuit2017
sh447NoThe Joker - Striped Vest, Shirtsleeves, Smile with Pointed Teeth Grin2017
sh448NoGiant-Man Hank Pym2017
sh449NoFirestarter Batsuit (70923)2018
sh450NoReggae Man Batsuit (70923)2018
sh452NoSpace Batsuit (70923)2018
sh453NoHarley Quinn - Cannon Ball Suit (70921)2018
sh454NoCrazy Quilt (70921)2018
sh455NoGentleman Ghost (70921)2018
sh456NoWonder Woman (76097)2018
sh457NoFirestorm (76097)2018
sh458NoBatman (76097)2018
sh459NoLex Luthor (76097)2018
sh460NoCheetah (76097)2018
sh461NoHawkgirl (70919)2018
sh462NoEl Dorado (70919)2018
sh463NoSuperman (70919)2018
sh464NoDick Grayson (70923)2018
sh465NoGreen Arrow (70919)2018
sh466NoBlack Panther (76100)2018
sh467NoNakia (76100)2018
sh468NoUlysses Klaue (76100)2018
sh469NoErik Killmonger (76100)2018
sh470NoCyborg (76098)2018
sh471NoReverse Flash (76098)2018
sh472NoKiller Frost (76098)2018
sh473NoThe Flash - Gold Outlines on Chest (76098)2018
sh474NoStar-Lord - Short Legs2018
sh475NoNebula - Short Legs2018
sh476NoOkoye (76099)2018
sh477NoErik Killmonger (Golden Jaguar) (76099)2018
sh478NoBlack Panther (76099)2018
sh479NoScarlet Spider - Short Legs (76089)2018
sh480NoSandman - Short Legs (76089)2018
sh481NoNightwing - Short Legs (76093)2018
sh482NoThe Joker - Short Legs (76093)2018
sh483NoSupergirl - Short Legs (76094)2018
sh484NoBrainiac - Short Legs (76094)2018
sh485NoThor - Short Legs (76091)2018
sh486NoLoki - Short Legs (76091)2018
sh487NoEgghead (70920)2018
sh488NoCondiment King (70920)2018
sh489NoSuperman - Blue Suit, Tousled Hair (76096)2018
sh490NoLobo (76096)2018
sh491NoCaptain Boomerang - Blue Outfit (70918)2018
sh492NoBatman - Short Legs (76092)2018
sh493NoHarley Quinn - Short Legs (76092)2018
sh494NoBlack Widow (76101)2018
sh495NoCaptain America (76101)2018
sh496NoIron Man (76108)2018
sh497NoIron Man - Neck Bracket (76107)2018
sh498NoIron Man (76105)2018
sh499NoStar-Lord (76107)2018
sh500NoProxima Midnight (76104)2018
sh501NoTeen Groot (76102)2018
sh502NoThor (76102)2018
sh503NoFalcon (76104)2018
sh504NoThanos (76107)2018
sh506NoGamora (76107)2018
sh507NoCull Obsidian (76108)2018
sh508NoEbony Maw (76108)2018
sh509NoDoctor Strange (76108)2018
sh510NoIron Spider-Man (76108)2018
sh511NoCorvus Glaive (76103)2018
sh512NoShuri (76103)2018