Top 10 Movie Industries From Around The World

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So we all know about Hollywood and how big their movie industry is. What about the others? How successful are they?

1. Hollywood

By far the most influential movie industry is Hollywood. In 2015, it earned a staggering $11.1 billion dollars. This is equal (if not better than), the other 9 (of the this top 10) combined together.

2. Bollywood

The Hindi cinema, based in India, is known for creating the highest number of movies per year, averaging 1200; Hollywood makes around 800. The Box Office returns are around $1.8 billion dollars.

3. Cinema of China

China is a growing cinematic industry and has the second biggest box office of $6.78 billion dollars.

4. United Kingdom

Producing some of the best movies over the last decade, the UK has a Box Office of around $1.9 billion dollars.

5. Nihon Eiga

The Japanese movie industry has a box office of around $1.8 billion (2015)

6. South Korea

Formed in 1945, it is one of the most influential movie industries producing genres such as K-pop and Korean horror.

Having a total revenue of around $1.7 billion makes it the 5th biggest movie industry.

7. France

Starting in 1895, the French movie industry is one of the oldest in the World, currently earning around $1.4billion dollars per year.

8. Germany

Traced back to 1895, with short movies, German cinema has a box office of around $1,3 billion dollars.

9. Iran

You weren’t expecting this were you? Well, surprisingly, although Iran doesn’t have a big box office the movies have been nominated for awards throughout the World.

10. Italy

Italy has a $0.7 billion dollar box office.

Source: Box Office Mojo 

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