The Cost Of Visiting The Cinema In The UK

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So, what is the cost of visiting the cinema in the UK?

As expected, the increase in popularity of online distribution platforms (NETFLIX, Amazon Prime …) has meant that audiences have an increased access to film – anytime, anywhere. Audiences no longer need to leave their homes to view a first-class feature film. To combat this threat of competition, you would have thought there would have been a decrease in the cost of cinema tickets?

Well, actually – that doesn’t seem the case.

In fact, the complete opposite seems to have happened with cinema ticket prices increasing. According to BFI and UK Cinema Association, the average price of the cinema ticket in the UK (2017) is £7.30.

How has this figure been reached?

Well, if you take the gross figure from 2017 (£1,228m) and divide this by the admission numbers (168.3m) it will give you £7.60. This isn’t accurate, as it factors in discounts such as OAP, 2-4-1 and student.

It’s important to note that cinema tickets do range, sometimes as much as £5, in different regions within the UK. Further to this, some cinema chains offer different prices depending on the timing of the day. For this article, I focused on the Cineworld and Odeon chains.


  • The average Odeon peak adult costs is £10.14, off-peak is £9.73
  • 3D glasses +£1.00
  • 0.70p booking fee online (which was originally quashed and reinstated in 2012)
  • Cineworld Unlimited Car: £17.90 per month, unlimited.


  • The average Odeon peak adult costs is £9.04, off-peak is £8.00.
  • Odeon charge 0.75p per online booking, no booking at the cinema.
  • There is a charge of £2 for an adult 3D film/£6.40 per family/£1.40 for others.
  • Premier seat +£1.80
  • 3d glasses + £1.00
  • Blockbuster prices + (average) £2.00 / £8.00 for family.
  • Odeon Limitless Card: £17.99 per month, unlimited.

The most expensive cinema ticket that I could find was BFI IMAX (ran by Odeon), which would charge £21.50 for a premium seat (£18.50 for standard) at peak times (Mon-Fri from 5pm and at the weekend), with the rise of a feature film £22.25 for a premium seat (£19.25 for a standard ticket) at peak times. However, if I wanted to see Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2 or Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom, it would be an added £3.50 to the total price. Even more eye watering, was the live opera seating which would cost – wait for it – £39.75 for a premium seat (£36.75 for standard).

There are a fair number of bargains to be had for cheap cinema tickets in the UK, mainly by the smaller independent cinemas.

  • MovieStarr, Canvey Island – £5- (all times)
  • The Luxe Cinema, Wisbeach – £5 Adults, £2.50 Children.

If you want to have your cinema listed here, please get in touch or comment below.

To summarise: 

So, as with most things, you need to shop around to find the best deal for your cinema ticket.

As expected, independent cinemas offer the cheapest form of tickets so if there is an independent cinema near you – please go and visit – they offer a unique experience (isn’t that what the cinema is all about?). If you are looking at one of the multiplexes, then signing up to Odeon Limitless or Cineworld’s Unlimited memberships will definitely ensure that you get the best value for your money; if you are a regular cinemagoer.

It will be interesting to see the impact and long term longevity of MoviePass (the £9.95 a month, yet ot be released, subscription service) which offers moviegoers a movie a day for a fee that is cheaper than the chain memberships.

I wonder if there is a big difference in popcorn costs? (hmmmm…)

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